Helen Keller School

Image of HKS Student playing on the playground

HKS Residential Life

For Helen Keller School (HKS) residential students, learning doesn’t end with the school day but continues into dormitory life. All are supervised, with regular times set aside for study, mealtimes and recreation.  HKS students are learning all the time – how to take care of themselves; how to get along with others; how to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Through the efforts of the AIDB Foundation, funds were raised to build the Compass Bank Fitness and Recreation Park, a special facility to help HKS students develop into strong and healthy adults. Our Athletics program includes participation in many Special Olympics sports and after-school recreation offers informal opportunities to exercise and have fun. We have monthly birthday parties in each dormitory, complete with cake and ice cream.  Student groups go on frequent outings to parks, restaurants, and cultural events. HKS students also have access to an indoor swimming pool, exercise room and gymnasium. There is scouting, dances and an annual fashion show.

A nurse is on campus on weekdays, and comes to the dorms on weekends to distribute medications if they are needed. Dormitory staff are trained and certified in CPR and first aid.  AIDB has an extensive program focusing on health and wellness for all our students.  AIDB’s Health and Clinical Services department coordinates regular clinics for our students including low vision, audiology, seizures, psychiatric and ear-nose-throat clinics.