Helen Keller School

Image of HKS Student playing on the playground

HKS Independent Living

At Helen Keller School of Alabama (HKS), we understand the importance of teaching your child independent living skills in a program that offers an optimum environment for self-worth, social acceptance, and growth.

Learning independent living skills can be a challenge for many children who have multiple disabilities and usually means acquiring some basic skills beyond self-care such as cooking or food preparation, safety, cleaning and laundry to name a few.  Budgeting, shopping and balancing a checkbook are more-advanced skills. Learning to use public transportation is another useful ability.  Work skills are needed by many of our students: learning to value promptness, listening to directions and getting along with co-workers are essential to finding and keeping a job.  In two on-campus facilities, teachers help students acquire the independent living training  needed  for transition into adult life.

Your child’s educational team at HKS will have important information and suggestions for how you can work together on specific goals.