Alabama School for the Deaf

Picture of ASD Students

ASD Academics

ASD’s Elementary Department is comprised of Preschool through sixth grade classes. Preschool and Kindergarten classes are housed in the Woods Language Arts Center and first through sixth grades are housed in Graves Hall.

Student schedules include Art, Physical Education, Computer, and Library as well as the usual subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Preschool through 4th grade classes are self-contained.  Progress reports and report cards are sent to parents every nine weeks and mid-term reports are sent four-and-a-half weeks into each nine-week period.

The development of language and communication then reading and writing skills is the primary focus of the Elementary Department.  All other content area learning is dependent on the ability to read and write.  Instruction in those areas is of utmost importance as well.  Teachers have high expectations for student performance with our goal to prepare students well for high school for future independence.

The High School Department is made up of seventh through 12th grades.  Housed in Johnson Hall and Johnson Hall Annex, electives include Yearbook, Physical Education, Driver Education, Career Tech Classes, American Sign Language, Work Experience classes and cooperative work training.  Report Cards are sent every nine weeks, and mid-term reports are sent four-and-a-half weeks into each nine-week period for all students.


The Arts

Creative Arts is designed for students who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in art production and design. Course content provides opportunities for students to explore ways to use materials and supplies safely, to produce artwork, to apply the elements and principles of design to works of art, to study cultural and historical time periods, and to become aware of how art relates to their daily lives.


Listening and Spoken Language Program

AIDB’s Listening and Spoken Language Program is dedicated to building a foundation for listening, talking, learning and reading. The Program is open to preschool-age children with hearing loss who use hearing aids or cochlear implants and whose families wish to pursue listening and spoken language for their child’s communication and learning.

Students have access to on-campus audiology services, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology services, as well as nursing and medical services as needed.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in Equine Facilitated Learning at the AIDB Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrian Program.

A typical schedule for the Listening and Spoken Language Program runs from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The program utilizes acoustically-optimized auditory learning environments using FM and sound field amplification systems. There is also collaborative one-on-one parent coaching with a therapist to support the parent in helping their child learn to listen and talk. Students can look forward to a consistent use of hearing aids and cochlear implants at, as well as total immersion in meaningful spoken language with intensive instruction and practice both at home and at school. Daily transportation is also provided from Birmingham, Heflin, Lincoln, Pell City, Oxford, Rainbow City, Sylacauga, Clay County, Childersburg and Talladega.

Reed’s Journey through Spoken Language (Blog by Reed’s Mom, Ashley, posted August 29, 2014)

I am sorry I didn’t update you on Wednesday. Reed had his first horse therapy lesson on Wednesday. I showed up about 10 mins before the lesson was over. This was the neatest thing. Reed will form a bond with his very own horse. He has a leader to guide his every move. While he is riding this horse in a circle, they have several stops along the way. The stops are designed to be speech stops. This is why it is very cool. Reed has speech therapy in a classroom setting all day but when he has horse therapy they continue the speech therapy… Reed loves his horse and he jumped right on. I am in love with this school and all the wonderful things they are doing for my child.