Alabama School for the Blind

Image of a Child using a CCTV

ASB Independent Living

The goal of every good school is to help children grow into happy, productive adults.  After graduation, some ASB students will return home and find jobs.  Others might live at home and attend a nearby college or university.  But for some students, life after school means independence – and we want to help make that transition a successful one.  While instruction in home economics and related subjects are taught during the school day, actual hands-on experience in home and personal management is needed in a practical environment. A new 5,500 square foot facility allows students access to develop these crucial skills which include money management, time management, organization, food preparation and more.

Semi-independent living quarters allow students some flexibility, and an independent living apartment lets them stretch their wings.  Students in the independent living program have a little less supervision and a lot more responsibility for taking care of themselves – good practice for when they leave high school.